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Reward Based Dog Training & Behaviour Referrals in Surrey, Hampshire, & West Sussex

Welcome to Wagtails

We are mother and daughter team Ingrid and Kristina Elias offering a friendly, professional, and a highly personalised service to help with all your pet dog training needs in Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex.

We invite you to explore our course selection from the main menu bar at the top of our website, and don't forget, you can learn more about Wagtails, and our positive approach to training by clicking here

Our Next Course Dates:-

Northchapel Village 

Puppy Playschool Classes -

Spaces available.

Canine College Nosework & Rally Classes -
Tuesday 9th January. FULLY BOOKED 

Next course commences 27th February.

Fernhurst - Village Hall

Puppy Playschool Classes -
Thursday 11th January. FULLY BOOKED

Now taking bookings for 1st March
Space permitting, puppies under 18 weeks old can start at any time during the current course provided they have had their first vaccinations. 

Canine College Clicker Classes -
Thursday 11th January. FULLY BOOKED

Now taking bookings for next course commencing 1st March 

Behaviour Adjustment Training (BAT) for Reactive Dogs

 Behavior Adjustment Training, or BAT, is a gentle method to rehabilitate dogs by looking at why the dog is reactive and then helping him or her learn how to control their own comfort level through peaceful means.

BAT can be used to help dogs overcome their fear/aggression towards other dogs, children, objects and even situations, using positive methods based on science - not outdated "dominance" theories.

Wagtails Canine College offer one to one BAT sessions with experienced handlers and stooge dogs.  If you feel that BAT may be the solution for your dog, please contact the office to discuss your situation.

For more information about BAT please click here.


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